Folding, folding again, superposing, and tying are gestures often used in everyday life in Japan. They are made by taking the necessary time and exposing the methods and thought processes employed by the Japanese.

These simple gestures are used in Japan since the 14th century to create gift-wrapping and ceremonial envelopes etc. Today, they have become the Origata and Mizuhiki techniques. They are made painstakingly, revealing Japanese thought and life of the Japanese. It is a matter of constructing from existing materials, and using simple gestures, transforming the material by proceeding by trial and error, to realise a pure and simple object, aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This is my everyday endeavour.

It is also these manipulations that transfer the knowledge of fabrication of leather goods from generation to generation. This attracts peoples’ thoughts through time and reflects those of today.

IKUKO TAKEDA PARIS has launched its first “PLI” line that is simple and stylish thanks to the geometrical appearance resulting from folding.

The ambition of the brand is to seek the most thorough simplification by a deep reflection in leather goods creation, to take a deep interest in the various materials, and to create an aesthetic composition that highlights the handiwork.