portrait ikuko nb sans bord


Designer, IKUKO TAKEDA is a Japanese leather goods designer who has lived in Paris for seven years. She pursued her first studies in Japanese linguistics for written expression followed by stylistic design, the showcasing of interior objects for their expression in colour and shape. Subsequent to a Tapié-style gallery’s request in Osaka, she began to create cloth and leather bags, and presented her work in four exhibitions in Japan and Paris from 2000 to 2002.

Leather goods and accessories designer at Agnès b. For ten years, she lived in Paris, and then embarked on designing her own creations. Its aesthetic base, linked to Japan, is based on the architecture or products of industrial design with which it grew. Always attracted by manual work, products simple in appearance, but well thought out and well manufactured, she has an irresistible desire to practice these ideas in the creation of leather goods.

“It is the simple hand movement that creates a game of aesthetic compositions. They are the basis of my research in the creation to highlight the handicraft. They allow creating an object by these stylised gestures without adding any superfluous action, and that’s what seems to me to be essential. ”